A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Bird Maybe Not: In response to another poster who wrote of a mysterious “half-hooting, half-howling” animal noise on the Cleveland Park email list, a member responds, “You live near National Zoo.” They continue, “I live on the far hillside across the park and I can hear the lions and the howler monkeys. Lions sound like they are coughing as often as roaring. Howlers sound like the sound track from a ’50s science fiction movie of a flying saucer taking off: whoop; whoop-whoop; whoop-whoop- whoop; whoop-whoop- whoop-whoop.”

Drama-Free Pizza: On the Brookland email list, one poster writes this endorsement of the neighborhood’s new pizza place, Menomale: “Just got back from Brookland’s new pizza place, and we thought it was FABULOUS! The pizza is authentic Italian i.e., very thin crust, superior cheese and great toppings. The beer Leland recommended was excellent, too. I’ll be one of their regulars, I’m sure.” (The rest of the list is too busy discussing Harry Thomas Jr.‘s indictment, however, to comment on that fabulous pie.)

The Chevy Chase Touch: “I have not been able to find a ‘touchless’ car wash. Any recommendations?” asks a member of the Chevy Chase email list. The reason for the inquiry to an electronic message board? “When I try to Google it, I just don’t find anything. I really miss an old-fashioned Yellow Pages sometimes!” In response, another member writes, “What about the car wash and auto detailing that is done in the garage of the Whole Foods at Friendship Heights? I’m not positive it’s touchless but may be worth checking out.”

Where the Sidewalk Ends: “Do you support a sidewalk on the west side of blair rd nw?” asks the title of a message on the TakomaDC email list, the body of which asks those to sign a petition endorsing the sidewalk. Members are split on the question. One writes, “There is not a big enough easement to put in a sidewalk there. DDOT is planning to do a yard by yard survey to see what amount of an easement, if any, they have….Many neighbors are in support of DDOT moving the two fire hydrants and telephone poles out of the sidewalk on the east side between Piney branch and Fern and telephone poles between Fern and Geranium so that a wheel chair can easily travel there.” But one such neighbor notes, “I would support a sidewalk on both sides of Blair Road between Fern and Piney Branch Road as well as between Geranium and Fern. Having walked that way to use the Metro, I can attest to the hazards.”