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Blue Line Blues: Everyone who rides Metro daily probably thinks the line they take is the worst one in the system. But unless they ride the Blue line, they’re wrong. A new Metro study finds the worst on-time performance is on the Blue line, where 12.8 percent of trains were delayed. Best performance? The Orange line, with 92.6 percent of trains on time. Presumably, since so much of that line overlaps with the Blue line, that won’t make Blue riders any happier. -2

Zone 9, Off Limits: Residential parking permits come in eight flavors, one for each parking zone; the parking zones more or less correspond to the city’s eight wards. But the new Car2Go Smart cars popping up around the District sport spiffy “Zone 9″ permits, which allow them to park in any RPP space in the city without a ticket. It does not, however, get them free parking in Prince George’s County. The tab for Car2Go for all the permits? $578,000, or $2,890 per car. +1

When Is The Media Not The Media?: Quick, stop reading Greater Greater Washington—turns out it’s not a news site! Or at least, so says WMATA, in denying a request from one of the site’s writers for a fee waiver on a public information request. In fact, the transit agency has deduced, “it appears to be a blog.” Gasp! Not a blog! We’re all for Metro trying to save money, but demanding $261 from GGW over this one doesn’t seem like the best way to do it. -2

RGIII®: The Washington Redskins’ new quarterback, rookie first-round draft pick Robert Griffin III, is already one of the most popular people in town, months before he takes a single snap in the NFL. Which means there’s lots of money to be made on RGIII merchandise, right? Yes—so long as you’re RGIII. The quarterback filed trademarks for various permutations of his name, designed to prevent anyone else from hawking RGIII t-shirts. But if you think that’ll actually keep bootlegged apparel from appearing, we’ve got a Brooklyn Bridge® to sell you. +1

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