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Too Many Post Grandkids: At least according to Ryan Chittum at the Columbia Journalism Review, who posits that the Post Co. has too many mouths to feed: “The company as a whole is still profitable and has earned a total of $546 million since the start of 2008, when the financial crisis began in earnest. But in that same time it has spent more than twice that—$1.1 billion—on buybacks and dividends that have helped put a floor under its share price (and its earnings per share). Much of that money is being squandered to appease the short-term interests and cash needs of shareholders, who very much include the Graham family, which controls the voting shares of the Post.” –2

Stay Inside: Don’t bother going outside this weekend! Between track work on Metro and 5Ks, you may as well give up. “Expect some serious Metro delays over the weekend, with work scheduled for the Red, Orange, and Blue Lines. All work will start Friday at 10 p.m. and continue through system closing Sunday.” The upside: The weather will be lovely so you may just want to get some fresh air and go for a walk. +2

Gender Equity And The Caps!: We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the Caps will crush the Rangers in Game 7 tomorrow. But reporters won’t let a distraction like hockey get in the way of newborn baby news. Goalie Braden Holtby and his fiancee Brandi had a baby yesterday—and it’s refreshing to see a reporter wonder whether having a kid will affect how a father does at work. Congrats to the happy couple, now get out there and win! +2

D.C. Is Business Friendly, Sort Of: A new survey finds the cities that are business friendly: Business owners say D.C. is not business friendly, griping about the cost of hiring workers (which, why are we not surprised?) and the difficulty of starting a business—but then rated it very business friendly in regulations, taxes, health and safety, zoning, and the environment. Odd ratings, all in all, but we’ll take it. +1

Yesterday’s Needle rating: 44 Today’s score: +5 Friday Bonus: +2 Mother’s Day Bonus: +2 Today’s Needle rating: 53