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Good morning from Washington City Paper! It’s Tuesday! Today, Ward 5 residents select a candidate to fill the seat left open by Harry Thomas Jr. Good luck!

LEADING THE MORNING NEWS: D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown has his budget ready to go. [Post] Potomac River is the “most endangered.” [WTOP] Virginia House refuses to appoint gay judge. [WJLA] Nats’ Bryce Harper hit his first-ever major league home run yesterday against the Padres. [WJLA] A profile of David Rubenstein, the guy paying to breed pandas at the National Zoo and fix the National Mall post-earthquake. [Post]

YOUR DAILY QUALITY-OF-LIFE MEASUREMENT: On Monday, City Paper‘s Needle shot up 9 points. The bad news: Dale Hunter leaves the Caps. The good news: A bunch of new direct flights from DCA. Take a look here.


Catania No Fan of Gray’s COS or Spokesman: LL talks to Mayor Vince Gray‘s staffers in the wake of Councilmember David Catania‘s remarks on the Kojo Show about Gray engaging in some quid pro quo with Jeff Thompson. Gray’s chief of staff Chris Murphy says Catania “should be ashamed of himself,” via official Gray mouthpiece Pedro Ribeiro. Catania responds, “I don’t think Chris or Pedro have served the mayor well.” Burn.

Eight Not-Bad Tech Ideas From a Day of Foster.ly: Mayor Gray wants D.C. to become the Silicon Valley of the East Coast. LDP checks out some new startups that are could be coming to the area and reviews them.

Informer Endorses Obama In Same Sex Marriage Stance: Yep, black voters aren’t turning on Obama. Shani Hilton notes the Informer’s endorsement of the president’s stance on same-sex marriage, and Pew actually does some polling that runs counter to the anecdotes presented by local media: “a whopping 68 percent of black voters say their view of Obama wasn’t impacted, and 16 percent say it was impacted positively. Only 13 percent say it was impacted negatively—and I doubt many of those people rank same-sex marriage as the single issue they vote on.”

Cheer Up, Emo Boy: Werther at Washington National Opera, Reviewed: Spoiler alert: “As for the story, it’s basically over by Act 1. Werther is the forlorn fool, a poet no less, whose sensitive side is on display from the very beginning: an unintentionally funny ode to Nature he delivers while rolling on a carpet of astroturf. He meets Charlotte (Sonia Ganassi) while visiting her father’s estate and promptly falls head over heels. Charlotte, while clearly smitten by Werther, informs him she is engaged to Albert (Andrew Foster-Williams), whom she subsequently marries. That’s really it. The rest is just Werther reacting with increasingly dramatic expressions of wussiness: weeping in a doorway, brooding on a bench, writing suicidal notes to Charlotte, eventually committing suicide (note: Goethe didn’t actually do this before writing his book).”

Pigheaded: Standard’s New Smoked Summer Special: For $18 you can get a whole smoked pigs head at Standard. It sounds as fun to eat as it sounds delicious. “Indeed, the task of removing meat from head is thrilling, but messy. The first move is a no-brainer. Pluck off the two lobes of cheek meat that sit tidily on the surface of the jowls, loosely attached to the jawbone. Dip the meat in the sweet and spicy barbecue sauce, and pop it into your mouth. The real treasure comes next. The jowls, which initially look like to two blubbery wings of fat, give up thin layers of slick, ropy meat with a texture not unlike that of skate wing. Keep digging; beneath each half-inch layer of jowl fat lie more strands of delicate, delightful muscle.” Yum.

Former Townes Groceries to be Redeveloped For Ex-Foster Kids: “The building, called The Bridge, will have ten units and 3,270 square feet of ground floor retail. D.C. Housing Authority subsidiary D.C. Housing Enterprisesis orchestrating the development, and the National Center for Children and Families will provide services. They’re looking at a budget of $3.82 million, but haven’t nailed it down yet—DCHA isn’t funding it, so it’s unclear where the money will come from. And they need a zoning variance to boot!”



LOOSE LIPS DAILY POLITICS LINKS, by Alan Suderman (tips? lips@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • It’s voting day in Ward 5 [WAMU]
  • Kwame’s budget: money for Housing Production Trust Fund, no money NoMa parks; money from extended bar hours 19 days of the year. (No vote, yet, to repay furlough days) [Post,TimesExaminer]
  • Chief Cathy Lanier warns out of town cops not to be rowdy [NBC4]
  • D.C. bonds, so hot right now [Post]
  • What will happen to Franklin Park’s homeless? [Examiner]
  • Atlantic Cities repurposes Post article about baseball development [Atlantic Cities]
  • Let’s corporate brand bikeshare [DCist]
  • That education reform thingy still happening [WAMU]

REAL ESTATE AND DEVELOPMENT LINKS, by Housing Complex blogger Lydia DePillis (tips? housingcomplex@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Housing Production Trust Fund restored, at the expense of NoMa parks. [Post]
  • Potomac in peril! [Examiner]
  • Vision McMillan gets a new project manager. [WBJ]
  • Van Ness Square could be “repositioned.” [CityBizList]
  • More on how to deal with vacant properties. [R.U.SeriousingMe]
  • Having your cake and eating it too at Reservation 13? [Architect]
  • But we should still get rid of the Height Act. [Slate]
  • Why D.C. is buying so many of its own bonds. [Post]
  • A parking summit? [Post]
  • Hey, at least we’re better for college grads than Philly. [AtlanticCities]
  • Agreed, the zoning map is the best thing ever. [GeorgetownMetropolitan]
  • Are homeless people a problem for the revitalization of Franklin Square Park? [Examiner]
  • Today on the market: Anacostia charmer.

ARTS LINKS, by Ally Schweitzer (tips? artsdesk@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • CulturalDC Executive Director Anne Corbett gets a new job [Washington Business Journal]
  • Chris Richards reviews Bloom, the latest from Baltimore’s Beach House [Post]
  • Guy writes open letter to the Fojol Bros. food truck, accusing the white owners of racism [Huffington Post D.C.]
  • How the Occupy movement addresses the arts [Huffington Post D.C.]
  • Watch a scene from new D.C. show 1600 Penn [DCist]
  • Photos from Sunday’s Dance in the Circle [Borderstan]

FOOD LINKS will resume shortly.