Please Stand Clear Of The Opening Doors: Riders on a Red Line train this morning were treated to a fun new trick: Doors that opened while the train was still moving. Passengers were taken off the train, and the cars were taken out of commission while WMATA tries to figure out what happened. Really makes us reconsider ignoring that warning about leaning on Metro doors. –5

Ward 5 Votes: If you live in Ward 5, you have until 8 p.m. to cast your ballot for one of a dozen candidates who are vying for Harry Thomas Jr.‘s seat. That’s good, since early rain kept people from heading to the polls. The Post notes that Kenyan McDuffie and Delano Hunter have been the best organized—but is that enough to give one of them the seat? We’ll see! And at any rate, it’ll be good to get Ward 5 some kind of representation on the Council. +2

War on Cars!: College Park has debuted a new Bike and Ride—a secure cage at the Metro stop where cyclists can park their bikes before hopping on a train. “It helps us attract riders to our system in a cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable way. That’s really important for us, to give riders that flexibility in our system, Deputy General Manager Carol Kissle tells WAMU+2

Gray Ordered To Talk: LL reports: “A federal judge has ordered Mayor Vince Gray to give a deposition in a lawsuit over the lottery contract, dismissing Gray’s objections that it would be an ‘undue burden’ for him to take part.” We have the feeling this will get worse before it gets better. -1

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