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TBD’s lone ranger John Hendel reports that only six people have died in traffic accidents since the beginning of the year—putting D.C. on track to having fewer traffic fatalities than it’s had in 17 years.

This drop in traffic fatalities suggests that perhaps all our initiatives, from traffic safety officers to better biking infrastructure to signs warning against blocking the box and educating drivers about safety through concerted local campaigns and broader regional efforts like Street Smart, may have an effect. Last year there were 32 traffic fatalities total, 25 the year before that, and 33 the year before that. Those numbers are already much lower than the numbers of killed commuters in years past — like the 69 D.C. traffic fatalities of 2003, for instance.

Driving is also down nationwide, led by young people who are opting for public transit and bikes to get around—and we have to think that contributes, too.

Photo by dlofink via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License