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Real Sikh-Americans (by “real” we mean: “not employees of fake and indeterminate Asian and East African heritage who’ve been hired by Fojol Bros.”) will be able to wear their turbans and maintain religious customs as police officers in the District, reports the AP.

Despite what a certain food truck would have you think, someone who is from India or of Indian descent doesn’t automatically have to wear a turban. Wearing a turban is a cultural and religious choice.

It’s a choice that many South Asians of the Sikh faith make as a sign of their religion. A turban doesn’t mean someone is from the Taliban—or that they’re ready to serve you bad Indian food while wearing a fake moustache.

And soon, a turban might even mean that a Sikh just wants to protect and serve citizens of the District, which, we think, is a good thing!

(By the way, if you’re interested to learn more about the Sikh faith and the Sikh people, perhaps visit The National Gurdwara, a Sikh temple here in D.C.)