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RIP, Chuck: Godfather of the Go-Go Chuck Brown has died. He was a legend in D.C. and in the music world, and he’ll be missed. One last time, everyone: “Wind us up, Chuck!” -10

The Robot Invasion Begins: That car you may have spotted driving around town last week that looked like no human intelligence was in control? Well, actually, that was just some self-important bozo careening through our streets while emailing his boss, like usual. But the carefully managed Prius behind it with the elaborate gizmos on the roof was Google’s driverless car, which came to D.C. as part of the tech behemoth’s inevitable takeover of life, the universe, and everything. Upon arriving in the District, the robo-car immediately began complaining about cyclists not wearing helmets. +1

Alexandria, The City That Reads: Move over Baltimore—Alexandria is the new city that reads. Or so says a list compiled by Amazon, which ranked the “most well-read cities” in the nation based on, well, who buys stuff from Amazon. D.C. came in ninth. +1

March Madness, Coming Soon: The road to Atlanta goes through D.C. Or at least, it will in 2013, when the NCAA men’s basketball tournament’s East Region semifinal and final games will be played at Verizon Center; whichever team wins will head to Georgia for the Final Four. (Georgetown University will host, which means the Hoyas can’t be in that region if they make the tournament.) George Mason fans, though, are probably hoping for a repeat of the last time the Elite Eight came to the District. +2

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