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Over at New York magazine, the Daily Intel blog had some fun yesterday riffing on this week’s Newsweek cover headline calling Barack Obama “The First Gay President.” After all, previous pieces of attempted journalistic provocation had labeled Obama the first female president and the first Jewish president, among other demographic identifiers. Wasn’t this trend played out? Not so, wrote Dan Amira and Maya Robinson, introducing a slideshow of unlikely magazine covers including Outside (“The First Lumberjack President”) and Men’s Health (“The First Chiropractor President”).

Well, what about Washington City Paper? As it happens, we cover a city where demographic and retail change is the driving narrative of local life. And, by coincidence, the magazine riffs landed just as Obama was en route to dine yesterday at one temple of neighborhood turnover, the 14th Street NW outlet of Taylor Gourmet. Which means that, thanks to the work of City Paper‘s own Brooke Hatfield, our contribution of the first-president genre is….