Sho’ Ya Right: The remembrances of the Godfather of Go-Go keep coming in. Even Mayor Vince Gray had a (previously scheduled) DJ set at WPFW where he talked about the Chuck Brown’s impact on the city. Plus! We’re collecting your pictures of you and Chuck for next week’s issue. Send them to +2

Norton Displeased: D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton wasn’t permitted to testify today in a hearing for a bill banning abortion after 20 weeks in D.C. Unsurprisingly, she wasn’t very happy about that—so much so that she refused to participate when the bill’s sponsor Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) attempted to make peace by offering her a seat at the committee’s dais, but still no speaking role. -3

D.C. Housing Still Good: Recovery summer! “Forclosures in the D.C. area are down 5 percent since March, and down 14 percent since the same time last year, says John McClain, senior fellow at George Mason University and real estate specialist.” +1

Taking Tweets To The Streets: The One Campaign hit the road along 14th and Pennsylvania streets NW with a robot that painted (water-soluble) tweets on the pavement “as part of an effort to bring attention to hunger and poverty issues ahead of the G8 Summit that will be held Friday and Saturday at Camp David in Frederick County, Md.” Twitter users can send their own messages to @OneStreetTweet to get their messages painted. Here’s hoping all the people looking down at the ground don’t cause collisions. +1

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