Via their Facebook page, the owners of Fojol Bros. have put out a statement apologizing to folks who have been offended by the food truck vendors’ costumes:

The fojol bros. apologize to those who have been offended. That was not, is not, and will never be our intent. Fojol is a celebration of food and community, infused with creativity and entertainment. Fojol’s owners were born and raised in Washington, DC, but our workforce includes women and men from around the world. Our mission is to embody a traveling culinary carnival. Our clothing and design have two distinct influences: the countries that inspire our food and the carnival’s whimsical nature. Our mustaches are a symbol across all three trucks, paying tribute to circus showmen of the past. Fojol’s aesthetic is in no way meant to be a caricature of any cultural or ethnic group. Fojol’s goal remains the same – to bring healthy, affordable food to the streets, in a colorful atmosphere that lifts people’s spirits and encourages community.

Doesn’t look like they have plans to change their schtick, but we’ll keep you posted. (Also, as apologies go, this is kind of a classic non-apology apology.)

Photo by a loves dc via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License