A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

What’s That Over There?: JDLand reports, “Back in March I wrote that something was afoot on the block just north of Nationals Park where Nats Parking Lot F resides, and new confirmation of that is a filing with the Zoning Commission for a review of a new mixed-use project that would bring office, hotel, residential, and retail spaces to 1st St. SE between M and N.” The blog also notes that this is one of many mixed-use projects planned for the area around Nationals Park: “This site is just to the east of Monument Realty’s stalled Half Street project, which has similar plans for hotel, residential, and retail to the south of its 55 M Street office building. And across from that is Akridge’s Half Streetproject, looking to bring office, residential, and retail to the west side of the street. In other words, there’s a whole lot of mixed use on the boards just north of Nats Park. Who will get out of the blocks first?”

Dream Room: A member of the Brookland Kids email list pitches the group with this admittedly unusual request: “I have kind of an off-topic question. We are looking at a couple different storage options for 5 month old’s room. One option that we thought of was a to have 3 or so large boxes that would look like large wood blocks. It would be even better to be able to pick blocks that have our son’s initials or name on them.” The member asks, “Has anyone seen anything like this around, or know of a place that would customize these?

Last-Minute Notary: “Anyone know who will notorize a doc for me this evening?” asks a member of the TakomaDC email list. The email, sent at 4:16 p.m., didn’t elicit any responses.

Captain Planet Probably Knows: A member of the Georgetown asks, “Hello, has anyone in Georgetown installed, or even considered, Solar Photo Voltaic panels for sustainable electricity generation? If so, I would be most grateful if you would share your experience.” Presently, no one has offered personal anecdotes.