Wind Me Up, Congress: If Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has her way, Aug. 22 will be known as Chuck Brown Day nationwide. The District’s non-voting delegate to the House introduced a bill to recognize the Godfather of Go-Go on his birthday. Of course, with the partisan nature of Congress these days, even symbolic bills don’t always make it to easy passage. But if anything can bring the polarized nation together, surely it’s go-go, right? +2

Bug Me Not: And now, time for another installment of arbitrary national rankings. This time, there’s a twist: You don’t want to be at the top of the list. Bug spray makers OFF did a survey of the cities with the most mosquitoes and other biting bugs; in what might come as a surprise to anyone who’s been outside lately here, D.C. finished 18th. Tampa, New Orleans, and Houston topped the list. +1

Not AP Style: Apparently it’s distracting to have prostitutes around on deadline. Or at least, it is for the Associated Press. The news cooperative is asking the Metropolitan Police Department for help clearing hookers from the area near its D.C. bureau on 13th Street NW, between L and M streets. AP officials at first wanted the block declared a prostitution-free zone, but MPD reminded them that designation is verboten for now, pending a legal challenge. So undercover cops will patrol instead. No word on whether they’ll carry the AP Stylebook as well as their badge. -1

RGIII On The Rise: The best-selling jersey in the NFL this month belongs to none other than future Washington Redskins starting quarterback Robert Griffin III. Which, considering he’s yet to take a snap in a pro football game, is fairly impressive. Of course, the Redskins make a habit of winning the offseason; if Griffin’s jersey is still selling like mad the week after the Super Bowl, that’ll really be good news. +1

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