Ticket Distribution To Remain Confusing: Poor Jack Evans. All the Ward 2 councilmember wants is for the D.C. Council and the mayor to stop fighting over who gets tickets to which sporting events. At least, that’s what he claimed yesterday, when he proposed a budget amendment that would create a distribution hierarchy. Then he decided not to propose the amendment after all, and the budget passed unanimously today. We wonder what changed his mind. -3

Don’t Cry For The Red Onion: Even though the basement-level record store—one of Washington City Paper’s Best Of picks two years running—is closing, it isn’t for bad reasons. Owner Josh Harkavy “now pays $1,625 a month, which he considers affordable. He wasn’t affected by the recent hubbub over licenses for used-goods shops, either; the shop already had a secondhand business license. It’s just that working out of a basement six days a week has gotten a little tiring for the 35-year-old Hyattsville resident.” A good problem to have, we think. Best of luck! +2

Tattoo You: Or not. The D.C. Council today spent a session today discussing legislation that would regulate tattoo artists and piercing shops. D.C. is like the Wild West of tattoos and piercing right now—shops don’t have to answer to the Department of Health. But that would change if Ward 7 councilmember Yvette Alexander‘s bill passes. The bill may just push rogue tattooers underground, though, DCist notes-1

Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It: Considering how hard it’s been to get a voter-approved medical marijuana program off the ground, we can’t say we’re surprised that it’s looking like a long shot for decriminalization of recreational marijuana use. Still, it sounds like the mayor and some councilmembers aren’t completely opposed. +1

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