Farewell, Kwame: It seems like it was just yesterday when D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown said he had “no plans to resign.” Oh wait, it was just yesterday! And yet, the councilmember concluded the afternoon with a private meeting with his colleagues in which he apologized and yes, said he’d resign. What for? According to a criminal information, Brown misreported the worth of his house in order to get a large loan so he could buy a boat. The presumed boat in question is named Bullet Proof. Considering Brown has been under federal investigation for campaign violations, it’s pretty remarkable that his personal finances took him down. Who’ll take his place until a special election can be held in November? We’re not sure, but it could be Mendo. And frankly, as amusing as this has been, it’s not actually all that funny. –8

Take My Team, Please!: To the chagrin of those who would have the ‘Skins move their practice camp to the District, it turns out they’re simply going deeper into Virginia. And why not? As Va. Governor Bob McDonnell puts it, “It will mean more jobs in our state, and more revenue for state and local coffers. More than anything, it means Virginia will remain ‘Redskins Country.'” Sure, why not? +2

Union Caved: First Virginia Republicans refused to fund the Silver Line to Dulles airport as long as the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority insisted on a pro-union contractor clause. Now MWAA has removed the clause. Considering most Virginians don’t care about the Silver Line, we suspect this won’t actually make anyone happy. -1

Ticketed: 27 new speed cameras exited the “educational” period and started issuing tickets to drivers today. As per usual, AAA Mid-Atlantic flack John Townsend says it’s all about cash: “The emphasis now is on revenue, and they’re really pushing that envelope.” And as per usual, we say: “So what? Slow down and you won’t get a ticket.” +3

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