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There’s some grousing that Kwame Brown‘s most recent tweets are surprising, since they don’t reference his criminal charges or resignation. Rather, he’s still defending his statements about go-go and its detractors at Chuck Brown‘s funeral.

But Brown is probably just trying to distract himself from his increasing legal troubles—including a new charge today that some spending on his 2008 campaign went unreported.

For what it’s worth, we think it’s absurd of Brown to suggest that go-go in D.C. has been shut down by anyone but the D.C. government. On the other hand, we believe him when he says he wasn’t channeling Marion Barry when he told the haters to “get over it.” After all, countless people have used that phrase in the last 18 years—many of whom surely live in D.C.

Brown’s problems don’t involve Barry. Let’s leave him out of this one.