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Kwame, Continued: While Kwame Brown resigned from his role as chairman of the D.C. Council yesterday due to a bank fraud charge, the fallout continued today with a new charge: one that’s actually related to his campaign! “The charge filed today says Kwame allowed [his brother] Che to open a ‘side account’ and use that account to make campaign cash expenditures higher than the $50 legal limit. The court records don’t name Che, but we know from the Office of Campaign Finance that it’s him.” We suspect the Brothers Brown aren’t going to have a good month. –2

More Reflecting: The Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool won’t be finished until this summer, probably. It was supposed to be wrapped up this spring, but the National Park Service hit construction delays. More importantly: Another reflecting pool? Really? -2

Speaking Up On Cannibal Case: Morgan State’s President David Wilson spoke for the first time today about the case of Alex Kinyua, a 21-year-old student who is accused of murdering and eating the heart and brains of a man staying with his family. Critics of Wilson are wondering whether more could have been done to prevent Kinyua from committing the alleged crime after he assaulted a former Morgan student with a baseball bat. Wilson said he’s still gathering facts. -2

Warm and Fuzzy in Georgetown: Looks like Georgetown University and its neighbors are heading toward a long term solution for its campus plan problems. The university has agreed to house 90 percent of its students on campus by 2025 among other concessions to the unhappy neighbors. Now it’s just a matter of getting the neighbors on board (which seems likely) which would make at least one Zoning Commission Chairman very happy. +3

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