What if you went to a go-go funeral and a political meeting broke out?

That was the vibe last week when D.C. officialdom helped say farewell to Chuck Brown. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton touted her efforts to establish a national Chuck Brown Day on Aug. 22. Mayor Vince Gray proposed renaming a city park after the departed go-go legend. Not to be outdone, then-D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown—whose speech featured a politically loaded swipe telling allegedly go-go-phobic new District residents to “get over it”—proposed building a go-go hall of fame within the premises of the aforementioned Chuck Brown Park. What are some other ways the District could honor Brown’s legacy?

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Illustrations by Jandos Rothstein (Chuckskins, Chuck of Arc, D.C. flag) and Brooke Hatfield (Chuck-lit City, Brown Line)