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Allbritton’s long-ailing TBD experiment is even closer to meeting its demise. Since May, TBD’s staff has consisted of transportation blogger John Hendel, down from 35 editorial employees at its height in 2010.

Now Hendel, who writes the TBD On Foot blog, is leaving TBD to report on telecommunications policy for D.C.-based Warren Communications. When Hendel leaves at the end of this week, TBD will have lost its last full-time employee.

But don’t count TBD out yet (or, you know, do). Saul Carlin, the director of online media for TBD and sister site WJLA.com, writes in an email that the site continues to have strong audience demographics and will stay operational. How will that work, you might ask? The site posts WJLA stories on the existing TBD.com URL. (Former Washington City Paper intern Kim Chi Ha will continue managing events listings for TBD as a contractor.)

Allbritton is still hiring for positions working on TBD and WJLA.com, according to Carlin—-although with the two sites’ teams combined for months now, it looks like TBD’s existence as anything more than an outlet for WJLA stories is at an end.