The Washington Examiner’s crime reporters don’t just stare sternly out from the top of the page in cop movie poses. They also catch criminals! In the past four years, Examiner readers’ tips have led to the capture of 42 criminals.

But now, the Examiner‘s hoping to harness a new audience in its quest to replace John Walsh: Pinterest. Examiner reporter Emily Babay has set up a Pinterest board with pictures of D.C.-area fugitives. Can people who post and repost the same rugs from Urban Outfitters also be a force for good?

Maybe, but so far, Pinterest users are proving reluctant to use the site’s “like” button on pedophiles and armed robbers.

Babay also has another board with pictures of area criminals mug shots (hello, former Chairman Kwame Brown!) and one for missing persons. On her profile, Babay promises “less creepy boards coming soon.”

Screenshot via Pinterest