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After an exhaustive search, Marion Barry has hired a new spokeswoman, the Examiner reports. The lucky winner? LaToya Foster, the host of WJLA’s independently-produced In the Know.

In 2009 and 2010, Foster wrote for Fox News’ website about the top stories of the time: Tiger Woods‘s affairs, the Obama inauguration, Mark Sanford‘s sex tourism. Sometimes, Foster veers into relationship advice, where she does battle with her archenemy: The Other Woman.

In one column written as the Woods scandal unfolded, Foster asks that the public leave Tiger Woods alone. If we must turn our ire on someone, Foster writes, why not go after Woods’s mistresses?

“Tiger only did what these women allowed him to do,” she writes. “I’m much more interested in learning why the women who participate in these crimes of passion would disrespect themselves by engaging in such activity.”

In another column called “Ladies, Only YOU Can Prevent Cheating,” Foster advises women looking for a powerful partner to be like Nancy Reagan and just say no, except with famous politicians and athletes instead of cocaine:

So ladies, save yourselves some heartache and humiliation. You deserve better. Take a stance. Consider the anti-drug campaign from the eighties—-Just Say No!

Foster writes again that famous men only have affairs because women allow them to. Presumably, Foster’s generous stance on powerful, philandering men will serve her well with Barry,who has found himself in that position once or twice.