What would Rosslyn’s bizarro downtown be without the Jumbotron on the side of the Allbritton building? Its Times Square-style really cements their Manhattan on the Potomac image. But now, ARLNow reports, the Jumbotron is at risk.

Politico and WJLA-TV owner Allbritton says the current Jumbotron is broken, and they want to replace it with a smaller one. Arlington County’s planners initially approved the idea, but now the replacement has run into trouble because Allbritton wants to run ads on the new screen.

Presumably envisioning a future Rosslyn blanketed in video billboards and looking more dystopian than usual, the county denied Allbritton’s plans for commercials. With the ads denied, the Jumbotron’s future is uncertain. But don’t tell that to ARLNow commenter “MC,” who inexplicably loves the damaged ol’ screen:

I love the Jumbotron – livens up Rosslyn. Hoping the replacement will be as good or better.

Photo from Flickr user MV Jantzen, via DCRTV