Gandhi Returns: Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi will be reappointed tomorrow, the Post‘s Nikita Stewart reports. But how will this affect his true passion, acting? -2

Dreadful News: Burger King’s bacon sundae isn’t as good as we all had hoped. -3

Cursed Restaurant: New York-style pizza restaurant Fuhggetaboutit becomes the second restaurant to cancel plans to move into Georgetown’s former Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory, citing the building’s decrepit state. -2

Maryland!: Drivers on the Beltway in Maryland spotted a UFO last night. Except it was being towed instead of zooming around in the sky, which really makes it more of a UO. The military says it was a government plane, but it looks so crazy+2

Monday’s Needle rating: 38 Today’s score: -7 Today’s Needle rating: 31