Ugh, Reddit. The popular social sharing site’s users love to talk about their charity work, but they’re also prone to trashing rape victims and bringing down servers with their eagerness to share racial stereotypes. Whether you’re looking to avoid them or, for some reason, congregate with them, Columbia Heights is the place to focus on, according to a thread on the site’s D.C.-area forum.

The thread’s first poster asked people to post the names and then vote for the neighborhood they live in. Here are your top five Washington neighborhoods for Reddit users who voted in the thread, followed by the number of votes they received:

  1. Columbia Heights (33 votes)
  2. Capitol Hill (27 votes)
  3. Dupont Circle (26 votes)
  4. H Street (21 votes)
  5. Mount Pleasant (15 votes)

Arlington and Alexandria also came in high with 45 votes and 25 votes, respectively.

Photo by AgnosticPreachersKid via Wikimedia Commons