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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Chevy Chase at the Bat: After responses to her initial posting about a bat caught inside her house, a member of the Chevy Chase email list writes this note: “I called Phil Ardizzone of AT&R Trapping Service. He checked the house from top to bottom but no sign of the bat. This in itself doesn’t mean it isn’t sleeping somewhere, but since there has been no sign of it for four nights, it appears to have left on its own. I now know far more about bats than I thought possible.” She continues, “My takeaway from this whole experience is to stay calm, try to ‘contain’ the bat, or at least keep it in contact view, then call Animal Control. Easier said than done, a bat flying around your house is very stressful. Although it is true it doesn’t want to harm you and wants to get out of the house, there is a chance the bat could carry rabies, and you don’t want any physical contact with it. Rabies is serious business.”

It’s Vintage, Darling: “I have about 20 tennis dresses from the 1970s and 1980s that I would like to donate to a DC-area non-profit organization that teaches tennis to inner city kids. I have not played tennis in about 20 years, and I decided to clean out one of my basement closets,” offers a member of the Cleveland Park email list. Presently, no one has suggested where the contents of only one of the poster’s basement closets should go.

Sniff Test: Writes a member of the Palisades email list, “Since the days have become warmer starting in May I have noticed this overwhelming chemical smell in my front yard every time I come in or go out. It does not seem to be coming from any of the plants or bushes and I can not really tell if it is in my yard or the neighbor’s.” The member continues, “It smells like mothballs. Does anyone either know what it is or the name of an agency or company that can help me figure it out? I am concerned that it may be hazardous in some way.”

I Lost It Big: “I picked up my fiance’s rehearsal dinner dress and other items today from the dry cleaners today around 2pm at 13th and E Capitol SE and then drove home and parked my car on the 1800 block of Independence Ave SE. By the time I went to hang up the clothes in the closet, I could see that I had a hanger with nothing on it. The dress must have fallen off the hangar either outside of the Dry Cleaners at 13th and E Capitol or during my walk from my car to my home on the 1800 block of Independence Ave SE,” writes a member of the New Hill East email list. He implores, “PLEASE e-mail me if you happen to find or spot a black and yellow halter top dress. My fiance is planning to wear this dress at our wedding rehearsal dinner in a month so it’s very important that I find it.”