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Hot Town, Summer in the City: The summer heat is back, starting tomorrow. The temperature on Thursday is expected to hit 98 degrees. -8

Clemensy: The pointless trial over Roger Clemens‘ perjury charges is over…and Clemens goes free! Here’s hoping to never have to hear about needles in beer cans again. +10

No Muss, No Plus: The verdict’s still out on Metro’s new Rush Plus schedule, with unrelated delays causing more of the crowding the new routes were meant to solve. +0

Into the Woods: Post columnist Petula Dvorak writes about the relationship between an encampment of homeless people in the woods around Fredericksburg and the employees at a nearby Starbucks who try to help them. They don’t always succeed—-at one point, one of the homeless men tells Dvorak his crumpled drawings are for sale for $4 million. +2

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