D.C., have you considered what a boon Donald Trump‘s Old Post Office hotel could be for us? You couldn’t stay in it, obviously—-the Post estimates that it could run as much as $750 a night, to cover a $3 million lease and $80 million in renovations—-but otherwise, we’re talking birth certificate press conferences, special seasons of Celebrity Apprentice, all right here.

But some of Trump’s competitors are trying to ruin our funWashingtonian reports. In April, BP-Metropolitan Investors, a group of developers who lost a bid for the building in February, filed a protest with the General Services Administration, saying that there’s no way Trump’s numbers could work out. Charging that much for a hotel in order to cover Trump’s proposed $3 million annual rent to the GSA isn’t feasible, his competitors say.

Trump survived the initial complaint, although it’s not clear whether Metropolitan will take the GSA to court. But Metropolitan isn’t the only problem Trump’s facing: he also has to contend with the GSA’s formerly-expensive tastes. Washingtonian reports that, with his agency still facing scrutiny over a lavish conference, GSA Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini, has told staff on the project to cancel the deal if Trump “doesn’t deliver.”

Photo by Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com