That’s a Clown Question, No More: Six days after it took over Washington,”That’s a clown question, bro” is officially done. But what a way to go, with Harry Reid trying out the once-trendy phrase with all the subtlety of a Rappin’ Granny. It’s always a shame when good memes linger and turn rotten; thanks Reid for making sure that no one can ever pull it off again. New York Magazine has the obit+10

Don’t Worry, It’ll Be Reincarnated: Massachusetts Avenue restaurant Buddha Bar has mysteriously closed its doors, perhaps for good. -1

Not So Grand: Serving on a grand jury in D.C.—-and thus losing access to electronics, even when the jury’s not in session—-is so isolating that jurors recently asked Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton for help. -3

Don’t Call It A Comeback: Harry Thomas hints that he might apply for  a job at Costco after he gets out of prison. +1

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