A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Call the Right Number: On the Columbia Heights email list, a member writes this request to Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham: “Since you are on the Metro Board can you get Metro to clean the area around the South entrance to the Metro every day. If they are not solely responisble for keeping that area clean it is the Ciy’s responsibility? There are many people who sit on the benches, in part waiting for the bus to come and simply throw trash on the ground instead of using the trash bins. Whoever is responsible for cleaning that area needs to be held accountable.” A second member notes, “FYI, Mr. Graham is no longer on the Metro Board. DC’s current voting  members are CM [Muriel] Bowser, Ward 4 and Tom Downs. We will probably have a better opportunity to get this issue resolved in a sustainable way working with Ms. Bowser. Undeterred, the original poster snipes back, “That is fine for you but I am not interested in asking Muriel Bowesr to do anything. Mr. Graham, contrary to what you might want to see, is still the Ward 1 City Council person and he still has relationships with Metro Board people and staff.”

Clean the Cat: “Came across this cat last night around 11:30 p.m.,” wrote a member of the Adams Morgan email list of an attached photo. H”e/she was a very friendly cat but definitely needed some cleaning.  Looked like he/she had been in a fight. His/her long-hair had been pulled some from a  fight it seemed but definitely did not seem to be afraid of humans.  If  you own this cat, please come and get it from around the Calvert Street-Adams- Morgan area.” The member adds, “And please give him/her a good brushing. I would take it in but am already taking care of another cat.

How They Are Hungry: A member of the Crestwood email list pens this ode to coyotes, following a series of emails in which other list members discussed wildlife in the neighborhood: “Coyotes look more doglike.  They stand taller than a fox with long  skinny legs and a not so attractive coat.  The ones I have seen have been  tan in color.  I have seen them in my back yard on several occasions,  always
traveling solo. I spoke to a ranger who tracks the wildlife in the  park and he said the one that was running around in my back yard one night  several years ago probably was a youngster who recently left the den (it was  around this time of year).  I think it was running around because it did  not know how to get out of the fenced in yard.  My most  recent sighting was about a month ago.  The ranger said  they  really don’t bother with humans unless they are hungry (not a problem in the  park), they are sick/rabid, they are cornered and panic because they can’t  escape, or they are protecting their young (not really an issue in the  neighborhood).” The epic poem continues, “The ranger also told me the coyote would probably just  go on its way since my dog had claimed her territory.I described what I saw to  some men who hunt out in Maryland.  They described the animal to me as well  and immediately said that it was not a fox, but rather a coyote.

Backed Into a Corner: A member of the Brookland email list writes, “Hi Neighbors – I have a quality piece of Pilates equipment to sell. I purchased an Exo Pilates Split Pedal Chair a year ago. My plan was to use the chair at home. Turns out, that due a back injury, I am unable to get much benefit from the chair. The chair was originally $850. I am selling it for $425 or BO. It is in excellent condition.” And there’s a bonus! The member is willing to throw in “the optional resistance kit and video.”