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Hot Hot Heat: It doesn’t just feel like it—-D.C. is the hottest place on the East Coast. Metro has waived the prohibition on drinking water on the trains, and a heat advisory is in place until tomorrow night. -8

How Takoma Park Learned To Stop Worrying And Love HP: Crisis in Takoma Park! The city’s long-standing ban on business with companies that have anything to do with nuclear weapons—a Reagan-era legacy that made Takoma Park a nuclear-free zone—is under siege. Not because some yuppie family is making suitcase bombs in its backyard, though; presumably, the zoning code would cover that. The threat comes from five computers for the city’s library, made by HP, which has worked on nuclear arms for the Pentagon. City officials waived the ban for the computers, which led one resident to ask the Washington Post: “When you start letting things slide, then where are you going to end up?” In a fallout shelter in the library’s basement, presumably. -3

Wait ‘Til the Iraqi Army Hears About This!Albrecht Muth, the man accused of murdering his socialite wife Viola Drath last year in Georgetown, is not competent to stand trial, according to his doctors. 0

What the World?: Meet the Titan of Trinidad, an inquisitive window latch enthusiast who models himself after a certain regal blogger who resides several neighborhoods to the northwest. +5

Tuesday’s Needle rating: 49 Today’s score: -6 Today’s Needle rating: 43