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Suffering “what the Helen of Troy is this?” fatigue?

New blog Titan of Trinidad bears a significant resemblance to Dan Silverman‘s online hamlet, Prince of Petworth. It’s not just that “Best Spot for an Afternoon Half-pint or 40” directly echoes “Best Spot for a Morning Coffee or Mojito”; Titan of Trinidad’s gee-whiz tone could’ve only come from carefully studying the Prince’s oeuvre.

Or could it?

We reached out to the Titan to ask a few questions—namely, who he is, what he does when he’s not blogging about amazing free programs sponsored by various District agencies, whether he’s heard of Prince of Petworth, and what his favorite doorknob style is. (The Titan has a penchant for such things.) He responded thusly:

Hi Alex!

My name is Calvin (I don’t use my last name on the blog), and I just moved to DC from Pennsylvania late last year to take a job doing logistics project management with a government contractor. I stayed on a friend’s couch for a while before signing a lease on a basement apartment in Trinidad.  Other fun activities are walking my neighbors’ dogs, seeing my family in PA, and exploring the nation’s capital!

I’m not familiar with a “Prince of Petworth,” but sounds like it may be some kind of satirical play on my name. Does he live in the neighborhood too? Funny name, regardless.
Favorite door handle style- hmm, that’s tough! I gotta say there’s a special place for the old-school brass door handles like the ones in the house I’m living in.  I’ll have to take a photo for you! The doors were recently redone before I moved in so they’re stained this sweet authentic brown tint. Really awesome stuff.



“Calvin” might be playing coy about his inspiration, but his satire is spot-on. (We’re not the only ones that have noticed the Prince/Titan parallels: “Calvin” chatted with DCist this afternoon.)

We reached out to Silverman to ask what he thought about the possible knockoff, but haven’t heard back.