Meme Turns Mercenary: Nationals outfielder and phrase-meister Bryce Harper is about to cash in on “That’s a clown question, bro.”  Harper or someone representing him has applied for a trademark of the phrase, which will be printed on Under Armour shirts. -1

Barge and No Longer in Charge: The Georgetown, a 30-year-old barge that has plied the C&O Canal for the National Park Service, is about to meet its end. The vesselis being decommissioned because it requires expensive work on its hull. The replacement boat is much smaller, and nowhere near as cool.  -2

Memorial, Alleged Sex Park Delayed: Three years after the Red Line crash that killed nine people, a decision about whether to build a memorial park to the accident’s victims is still up in the air. The potential park’s  neighbors worry that it could be a hook-up spot for teens. -1

Mayor-for-Lifetime Achievement: Marion Barry received the Martin Luther King Jr. Award for lifetime achievement last night from the D.C. Democratic State Commitee. Think about that one over the weekend. -5

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