After two children and a counselor were shot Monday in the Village of the Parklands in Congress Heights, City Desk headed down to the neighborhood to see how residents were reacting to the shooting.

“It’s terrible that people are going around with guns and don’t consider that children are around,” said Sandy Hairston, 19. “Police are just sitting around in areas that are guarded like Georgetown.”

Elsewhere in the neighborhood, Kirk Crisp, 62, was talking with friends. Crisp said the neighborhood is too dangerous for a man his age to be outside often. “It’s a damn shame,” he said. “We need more enforcement. We need a curfew.”

The shooter opened fire while about 30 children stood on a nearby sidewalk. Police say the gunman was shooting at another man who had run for cover, and not at the kids—-but stray bullets wounded the two children and the counselor, all of whom are expected to survive. The shooter remains at large, the Post reports.

Matt Smith, 42,  leaning on his bike against a fence, said the police aren’t doing enough to stop violence. “Police sitting there in their car doing nothing. “Ain’t doing nothing. Free checks. My money. My tax-payer money.”

Friends Khalilah Johnson, 37, and Wendy Bishop, 44, have pushed for speed bumps and playgrounds in the neighborhood for their children.

“What are we supposed to do besides keep complaining?” said Bishop. “When’s the next person going to run through here and hit one of my babies?”