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Blue Strike: In a move that threatens to bring Washington to its knees, Ralph Nader and DC Vote are planning a “limited general strike” on July 2. This is no standard industrial action, though: Strikers have agreed to be 15 minutes late to work on the 2nd, with increasing lateness one day a month until they’re an hour late to work one day in October.

It’s the kind of bold thinking the District needs, but will these extremist tactics alienate more moderate statehood supporters? -3 (although expect +5 next week after Congress relents next week and grants statehood)
Take That, 1874! At 104 degrees Fahrenheit, today is the hottest June day in D.C. history, handily beating the 2011 and 1874 record of 102 degrees. -5

Tex-Wrecks: Long-awaited Columbia Heights taqueria El Chucho opens tonight. The tacos and tortas will be nice, but City Desk is most excited about the margaritas on tap. +1

Hard Out Here for a Pimpette: The sun may be blazing, but the brightest light in our day is Redskins tight end Fred Davis‘s legal drama with Makini R. Chaka, an accused “pimpette” and self-declared “party broker.” The court transcripts are a goldmine, including one exchange in which Chaka asks the judge whether her hands are really on a man’s genitals in a picture. The judge declines to answer.  +3

Tuesday’s Needle rating: 31 Today’s score: -4 Today’s Needle rating: 27