A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

New Blood vs. Petition: After several members of the Brookland email list post with their rants about the lack of power, a member sends this message: “OK PEOPLE!!! Let’s get this done! We need honest, ethical people who sincerely want to work on changing how the government works for the people, by picking up ANC petitions. On July 9th, interested and active persons in the community should go to BOE, 441 4th street NW, Judiciary Square, and pick up petitions. Your name will be on the November 6th General Election Ballot. We need new blood and new energy—the only reward—working to improve the lives in your community.” But another member has something more specific in mind: “I know that some neighbors were involved in a ‘bury the powerlines’ initiative several years ago and weren’t successful. Clearly, you were right and the Council, DDOT and Pepco were wrong about this issue. Given recent events (2 power outages due to major storms within a week), if there is interest in resurrecting that initiative, I am interested in working with others on it, using what was learned to develop a game plan for moving forward.” She continues, “I know very little about public utilities or even how to go about getting something started…I would be able to help with research and writing, putting petitions on Change.org, etc., if that would be useful and I’m certainly willing to be a persistent voice for change with Pepco, DC Council members, the federal government or anyone else with the power to change the current infrastructure problems.”

Rapid Response: In a post titled “Dangerous tree on Eskridge,” a member of the Palisades email group writes, “There is a large tree with a broken trunk high up which has not yet fallen. It is on the wooded hillside just up from Key. There is no posted warning. I tried to call the city but don’t know if its on public property. Be careful!” Within minutes (10, to be exact) a staffer from Councilmember Mary Cheh‘s office writes back to say, “I am sending to urban forestry to take a look.”

But My Butt Belongs There: On the ANC 6A email list, a member asks, “I notice that one of the topics on ANC 6A Transportation & Public space committee meeting is to remove the new benches installed adjacent to H Street. Anyone know why? I see people using them? Are they being abused? I know that the ones installed on the south corners of 13th & H have helped prevent cars parking on the sidewalks. Which used to happen really often. What are your thoughts?” Members overwhelmingly want the benches to stay: “I use them and so do others. What is the purpose behind this? Please elaborate”; “I don’t think they should be removed. However, I think they need to be painted another color. That dark black metal gets too hot to sit on sometimes.” The chair of the committee writes to say, “A resident asked that this item be put on the committee agenda, citing public nuisance concerns. The ANC has not taken any position on this matter. Please do attend the Transportation & Public Space Committee meeting at 7 pm on July 16 at Sherwood Recreation Center to weigh in on the resident’s proposal.”

Cleveland Park, ISO: The Cleveland Park email list was given a reprieve in the wake of Friday’s storm from the often staggering amount of “in search of” requests that appear on it. But members are back to posting as normal. One asks, “I am looking for a reliable driver preferable with a truck to help me do errands such as take flowers to be potted, pick up small pieces of furniture, etc. Thank you.”