I Don’t Like Ike: The National Civic Art Society will start exhibiting the results of its call for counterproposal desings to the Frank Gehry-designed Eisenhower Memorial next week. Given that nonprofit’s first prize winner was some bizarro triumphal arch, it’s probably worth a skip. -5

Gold Star: Bryce Harper wore golden shoes last night, and sports writer Skip Bayless thought it a hubristic move:

“This told you a whole lot about Bryce Harper, because I want you to think about this. You’re 19 years of age. You walk into a clubhouse filled with bona fide, established superstars. And you dare to pull on shiny gold cleats? Are you kidding me? You’re gonna have the, uh, guts to do that?…


NoVa Wowza: At size 102ZZZ, Arlington resident Annie has the world’s largest pair of natural breasts. Moonlighting in porn under the name Norma Stitz, Annie is set to appear on an episode of TLC’s Strange Sex and seems very proud of her unusual endowment. +8

Pie Won’t Die: Reports of Mount Pleasant pizzeria Radius Pizza’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The new owners aren’t sure whether the happy hour $5 slice and beer deal will remain. +3

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