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Washington and Maryland residents both experienced power losses after the derecho, but the latter are suffering more—-about a dollar more. The extra charge, meant to recover Pepco’s lost revenue following the storm, is only likely to be about a buck, but it has people like Gawker’s Drew Magary outraged enough to call Pepco “a collective of faceless shit-lampreys.”

Why are District residents exempt from the fee? Because of a 2009 bill-stabilization adjustment passed in the District, residents here are exempt from paying the additional charge.

“Simply put, we don’t want to pay Pepco for power that they are not providing to consumers,” says District People’s Counsel Sandra Mattavous-Frye. “Costs related to restoration from the storm are recovered separately.”

It may not be cool for Pepco to benefit from Marylanders who were so hot. But at least it’s only a dollar.