Credit: Photo by Darrow Montgomery

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cupcake ATM, Post columnist Courtland Milloy‘s back on the warpath. Once again, he’s mad at the District’s amenity-loving, Fenty-cheering yuppies—-in other words, the “myopic little twits” he named in a 2010 post-election column.

The twits are enjoying Vince Gray‘s misfortunes, and Milloy isn’t happy about it. He criticizes the Gray campaign for some amateur political moves—-mainly allowing Sulaimon Brown to happen—-but seems angrier that they proved Adrian Fenty supporters right rather than that they committed federal crimes.

Milloy saves most of his ire for the twits, who continue to enjoy their dog parks even while the poor suffer just as much under Gray as they did under Fenty. Milloy even acknowledges that the Gray administration has continued many of Fenty’s policies. That would seem to negate his point from 2010—-if the poor were going to get screwed anyway, and the only policy difference between Gray and Fenty is Kaya Henderson or Michelle Rhee, who cares who’s on top in the Wilson Building?

But you don’t come to Milloy for the politics—-you come for the class and race signifiers! In this, he disappoints: The column reads like a time capsule from two years ago, with references to livetweeting snowball fights and imported beers. Little does Courtland know that the MLTs are into faux speakeasies now, and there hasn’t been enough snow for a flashmob snowball fight in years.

Milloy also writes that Rhee had a “tiger mom” teaching style, which, in addition to being more evidence that Milloy’s pop-culture knowledge stopped growing in late 2010, comes off as pretty racist. Milloy could be referring to one interview Rhee did with Marketplace where she talked positively about Amy Chua‘s tiger mom book, but how likely is that?

Still, it’s hard not to enjoy his portrayal of himself as a man eternally hounded by the city’s young and frivolous, whom he calls “my nemeses”:

Well look who’s back: the Fenty brigade, led by true believers of former D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty. Among them are my nemeses — whom I have referred to before as myopic twits because of their inability to see that dog parks, bike paths and cupcake parlors do not make a “world-class city.”

And still they come to gloat.

That’s the kind of undiluted Notes from the Underground-style disgust that you won’t get from any other Post columnist. But then, Milloy’s always been a complex guy. Read Rend Smith‘s profile of him here.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery