A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

War of the Cable Companies: “As Direct TV customers already know, they’ve lost programming due to an ongoing battle with Viacom, so I think that’s just the motivation I need to finally move on from Direct TV,” writes a member of the East of the River email list. “They have a humongous ‘ET phone home’ satellite in our backyard that goes out whenever the trees over our house bloom and if it rains too hard. Is FIOS still not available EOR?”

Congress Can Do It: A member of the TakomaDC email list proposes, “If [Vince] Gray doesn’t step down, Congress should remove him.” Several members of the list respond, none too happy with this idea. ” Yep! Definitely, Congress is the body that can fix D.C.!!! I assume you’re joking…as am I in the previous sentence,” one writes. Another channels her inner Charlie Brown: “Good grief! I can only assume that you’re making this suggestion as a bad joke.”

TMI?: “I have 10 ready-to-use 8-oz cans Similac Alimentum formula up for grabs,” writes a member of the Brookland email list. “We got them as a free sample, but our son has said a rather vehement ‘no’ to the formula, and would prefer to make do with whatever breastmilk we have, even if in short supply.”

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (Leaking): A member of the Chevy Chase email list asks, “I started to notice water showing up inside of the fridge. I contacted A&E, which has been very quick and efficient to repair other appliances in past few years. They came twice. Now, again the water fills at the bottom of the fridge. If you have Samsung fridge and made repair, who did you use?” Another member gives the obvious answer: ” Try contacting Sears repair department. Maybe you still have warranty