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Baseball Batman: I’m not much of a baseball guy, so when I go to Nationals Stadium, it’s for the stuff that has nothing to do with America’s Pastime—-beer and the presidents’ race. Lately, though, the race has seemed uninspired—-just a straight-up footrace, without even a preplanned pratfall to knock Teddy out of the running. Now, finally, the race is in top-form again, with Teddy “Bane” Roosevelt vs. Abraham “Batman” Lincoln. Rush must be fuming+4

Chinatown Letdown: Mayor Vince Gray signed the $32.5 million LivingSocial tax break today at the social-couponing business’ Chinatown headquarters, then thanked the company’s hip staffers for living in the city. Because if there’s one thing that’s a burden to young tech types, it’s city life! -2

Commuter Tax Hope: District subcommittee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa dangled the possibility of a hearing on a possible commuter tax in front of the District today. The hearing will probably never happen—-or will merely  be used to smack down the idea once again—-but it’s nice that someone in Congress is thinking about how D.C. can recoup all the tax revenue it loses to Maryland and Virginia. +1

Marry Me: Artist Kathryn Cornelius plans to marry and divorce several people in rapid succession at the Corcoran next month, and she needs a few more suitors. All genders and ages welcome. And speaking of the Corcoran and its moving plans, at least one City Paper writer would prefer the ceremonies take place on a tax-dodging riverboat.  +1

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