A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Reckless Kids: On the Brookland Kids email list, a member reports, “I just wanted to let you know about an incident this evening (9pm). A group of 6 kids (3 female teenagers and 3 male children) were walking by our house when we heard a crash, bang and kids yelling. We think one of the little kids threw the rock that cracked our window because they quickly ran away when we came outside.” She continues, “It was one of those decorative garden rocks our neighbor next door uses. We have a small hole in our window with huge cracks extending out from it. I called the police to report it, and we are waiting for them to arrive. We don’t think it was personal, but what a costly moment of reckless abandon.”

Scare Quote Large Cat Scare Quote: “This morning, walking the dog at 6:15, I saw a tall, slender cat-like
creature. Extra long tail. When it saw the dog and me, it ran into the woods at the picnic area at 39th and Rodman. Certainly, it was not an average house cat!” writes a member of the McLean Gardens email list in a message titled “‘Large Cat’ sighted at 39th and Rodman at 6:15 a.m.” Speculations from other list members vary: “Could have been a fox,” “last year there reports of a bobcat (as opposed to my neighbor Bob’s cat),” and “There have been rumors of a mountain lion for some time. Pretty far east, though.”

Get Off My Lawn: Examiner: Stop littering my  property with your ‘paper.’ It gets dumped on my property,  and I did not ask for,  nor do I appreciate, that ‘service.’ Why are you littering our  neighborhood?  Most of them are  simply dumped into the street. It’s a  public  nuisance!” writes a member of the Crestwood email list. Other members weigh in with complaints about unsolicited Examiner subscriptions, but it’s unclear whether anyone from the paper reads the list.

Free in Chevy Chase: “We just bought our dog a new bed with slighter more padding so would like to offer 2 free large rectangular dog beds. Am hoping one of the neighborhood volunteers for a local rescue organization could use them. Due to the pending rain, they are outside on our front porch,” offers a member of the Chevy Chase email list.