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Pity the PR minion behind Metro’s Twitter account. Stuck in WMATA HQ, he’s deluged daily with Metro problems he’s helpless to solve. And it doesn’t help that he can, apparently, be kind of a jerk.

That put-upon tweeter—-top Metro flack Dan Stessel says it’s not him—-got a little sympathy last week from one of the many Twitter accounts devoted to Metro grousing. After finding out that there’s mostly just one person behind the transit agency’s social-media presence, the awkwardly named @WMATAngst offered WMATA’s Twitter operator a beer (emphasis added):

Dude. Duuuude. Look, I rage my fair share of rage, but dude.. Every day? Just you? Hlly fuck, I want to send you a fucking beer.

As you can see above, WMATA’s lone Twitter defender was into the idea. On Reddit, WMATAngst inadvertently  gave us all something to think about the next time the Red Line is single-tracking and the urge to drunk-tweet Richard Sarles strikes:

@wmata is just a dude, dude. Damn.