A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Pole Dancin’ Pedicure: “There is a nail salon in the area that offers a private room for parties that includes a pole for dancing,” writes a member of the Takoma Park email list. Another member adds, “They do not sell champagne but in fact offer a cocktail along with your services as an option (an option that I certainly appreciate sometimes on a Friday evening with my pedicure). The pole dancing parties are offered as fun.”

Bad Taste: After someone broke into her car, a member of the Chevy Chase email list writes, “Nothing much was taken because there was nothing worth taking….guess that their musical taste is different from mine and that they were seeking something better than a sack full of quarters.” Fortunately for the poster, burglars didn’t hit the jackpot: an iPad in her husband’s car.

Cat Confusion: A member of the Crestwood email list responds to a post about a missing orange and white feline, “This seems our cat again—he is particularly good at getting rid of the collars we bought him. He has the implanted chip anyway.” The cat had an escape tactic, but its owner out-witted her pet, or so she thought: Another member of the email list writes, “I called the phone number for your husband, but the person who answered was not missing a cat.”

Let’s Get Literary: “Joseph Heller couldn’t have found a better Catch 22 than those of us who live on streets where weekly parking bans for street sweeping make vacations and parking mutually exclusive,” writes a member of the Georgetown email list. “It’s hard to see how the D.C. government realistically could manage temporary parking bans when the need for them arises when a resident or business or public works department needs that space. […] Just like on the highway, there are ‘road hogs’ everywhere.”