Underachievers: The District’s new grade.dc.gov department grades are out, and the four graded departments passed, but just barely. Using a system that combines reviews and comments on social media and in blogs, D.C. rated the Department of Public Works a C+ in June—-and it was the top-scoring department. The Department of Transportation, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and the Department of Parks and Recreation all received C-‘s. -1

Olympic Cheetahs: The National Zoo’s 3-month-old new cheetah cubs will make their first appearance in public Saturday at the zoo. The so-far-nameless cheetahs will get their names from the fastest American man and woman in the London Olympics’ 100-meter dash. +1

Fiesta D.C. Moves: Latino parade Fiesta D.C. is returning to Pennsylvania Avenue this year. Still, organizers hope to return the September festival to Mount Pleasant next year. +1

Bully Bulldog: Georgetown’s bulldog mascot Jack, who tore his ACL jumping on a couch in March, has fully recovered from surgery on the ligament. A video released by the university yesterday shows Jack attacking a cardboard box in a hallway, just like he does in games at the Verizon Center. But will a newly-healthy Jack find himself supplanted by rival mascot JJ? +5

Monday’s Needle rating: 46 Today’s score: +6 Today’s Needle rating: 52