Apparently somebody’s still in charge at the Post! While the paper remains silent on whether it lets political campaigns to edit its quotes, Post editor Marcus Brauchli has decided to put a stop to—-or at least a leash on—-any draft-sharing going on at the paper.

Following a Texas Observer story about how Post education reporter Daniel de Vise shared two drafts of a story with officials at the University of Texas—-and, embarrassingly for the paper, told his sources that “everything here is negotiable”—-Brauchli tells Poynter reporter and former Washington City Paper managing editor Andrew Beaujon that the paper’s policy on draft-sharing needs to be tightened.

“Our current policy doesn’t prohibit a reporter from sharing a story draft with a source, but we intend to tighten it to ensure that such instances are rare without dispensation from a top editor,” Brauchli writes in his email.