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George Washington University students: They’re not just about bad basketball and fake IDs anymore. They’re also spies, who may know sexy other spies!

Or so says the Wall Street Journal. That busted Russian spy ring is back in the news, two years after it gained notoriety for operative Anna Chapman—-who, the Journal demurely writes, “garnered the most attention because of her glamorous looks.”

But the ring was up to more than looking good. They were also recruiting members’ children, according to the Journal. GWU sophomore Tim Foley, the son of two of the spies, was allegedly a top prospect.

Foley’s father’s lawyer denies the Journal‘s article. Foley himself is in Russia and, for unclear reasons, unable to come back to the States. As Gawker points out, however, the scene where Foley’s parents recruit him reads like a CIA officer’s fever dream:

At the end of the discussion with his parents, according to one person familiar with the surveillance, the young man stood up and saluted “Mother Russia.” He also agreed to travel to Russia to begin formal espionage training, officials said.

That’s all? They couldn’t get him singing “The Internationale” and buying his bros Smirnoff with Moscow gold?

Photo via Flickr user bclinesmith via a Creative Commons license