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Olympic Anticipation: For those of you who, like the Needle, are waiting for the U.S. broadcast of the Olympics’ opening ceremonies, Twitter has become a spoiler minefield. But apparently our British pals have cooked up some weird stuff—-Voldemort’s involved?—-that promise a good Olympics, even if that blind Korean archer has already won gold for best heartwarmer. +3

Et Tu, Uber?: DCist reports that, despite its protestations, Uber was negotiating a price floor for its service with Councilmember Mary Cheh, even though CEO Travis Kelanick says the company has always opposed price floors.  Who would have thought a company operating in shady legal territory would lie? -2

City of Syrup Triumphant: We’re so cool, according to a Forbes list ranking Washington as the second-coolest city in the country. Like Fonzi! But compared to Houston, the No. 1 coolest city, we might as well be Richie Cunningham. +1

Draft-Sharing Denouement: The Washington Post‘s draft-sharing brouhaha has come to its final, ridiculous end. A day after education reporter Daniel de Vise‘s submissive attitude toward University of Texas officials sparked a Post policy change, one of the UT officials was asked whether she would have shared drafts in her previous job as a reporter. Absolutely not! +3

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