A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Little People, Big World: Without the context of “Fischer Price” in the subject line, a request from a member of the Georgetown email list could strike a nerve. The member writes, “If you are selling or want to get rid of little people. Pls let me know. My baby loves little people.”

Heat The Heat Wave: A member of the Dupont email list writes, “Yes, I know it is kind of crazy to be offering free firewood when the temperature is in the upper 90s but it is what it is. The wood is from a section of old picket fence and is of excellent burning
quality. I have removed all the nails.” That’s not all! “I also have four green plastic chairs and a table if anyone has any use for them.”

A Unique Collection: “We’ve got about 50 3-ring binders in front of our house that are free for the taking. In good shape except that many of them have cover sheets that are stuck inside the plastic exterior,” a member of the Takoma email list writes. “I hope that folks will find a use for them. I am trying to keep them out of the landfill.”

All Hail David Catania: After a member of the Tenleytown email list announces his candidacy for a D.C. office, another responds, “I generally believe everyone has the right to run for elected office, and was even considering signing Bruce’s petition. I had no idea Bruce’s politics at the time but, now that I do know he is a Tea Party member extraordinaire I will be more cautious.” A third member downplays the Tea Party phenomenon, in favor of another District politician, “Now I will say not the Democratic party or the Republican have all the answers, but would love to see them work together. The only individual that does that is David Catania.”