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How many cannons and flaming hoops does Karen Feld have to be shot out of and through to get what’s hers? Feld, who was the buzzsaw behind the Washington Examiner‘s “The Buzz” gossip column until 2006, ran out of options in her $110 million dollar lawsuit against her brother and circus kingpin Kenneth Feld earlier this week when the D.C. Court of Appeals denied her appeal.

The legal drama began years ago, when Feld accused her brother of having his security guards bounce her from their late aunt’s shiva. Now it appears to be at end, with the appeals court judging her appeal “without merit and easily rejected.”

To get a better sense of the woman Fishbowl DC calls a “former kooky gossip columnist,” you could these read accounts of her bustling 2005 social life or an inexplicable restaurant behavior. But why not visit her website, where you’ll see what Feld is really about: her dogs. In one section, an animated version of Feld’s beloved Campari marches down a hallway setting clearly modeled after Day of the Tentacle and introduces us to past Feld pooches. But is Campari as adorable as Biscotti?