Things are getting pretty grim in the forests of our northern neighbor. From WJLA:

A pack of wild dogs is on the loose in the St. Inigoes community in St. Mary’s County and has already killed two beloved pets.

The latest victim was Gizmo the dog and there is real fear for humans as well.

As many as five wild dogs are roaming a wooded area. While authorities try to track them down, they are telling residents to keep close watch over their pets and be on guard for their own safety as well.

The five dogs are pitbull and German shepherd mixes, and they’ve also killed a basset hound, which is frankly the last straw. Apparently these murderous dogs have been roaming the woods for at least a year (!), but authorities have only managed to catch puppy members of the gang.

The Post reports that the vicious dogs have become too smart for traps, which is bad news not just for pet dogs in Maryland, but for civilization.

Photo by Shutterstock